What is the net worth of Joseph Ossai? Bengals DE contract and salary breakdown

Cincinnati Bengals defensive lineman Joseph Ossai crashed into Patrick Mahomes while trying to push him off the line. Ossai was awarded a 15-yard personal foul because the kick occurred after the defender had already left the field.

The Bengals paid the price for Ossai’s mistake that came with eight seconds left in the fourth quarter. The penalty put the Chiefs in field goal range. Harrison Butker converted a 45-yard field goal attempt to win for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Joseph Ossai (#58) pictured walking off the field during a game against the Buffalo Bills
Joseph Ossai (#58) pictured walking off the field during a game against the Buffalo Bills

Details of Joseph Ossai’s contract

The Cincinnati Bengals and defensive end Joseph Ossai agreed to a four-year, $5,192,616 contract in June 2021. The contract, which has an average annual value of $1,298,154, also includes a signing bonus of $1,136,448. In addition, Ossai will receive a salary of $1,132,056 in 2023. His net worth is expected to be approximately $5,192,616 by next season.

Ossai just finished his second season in the NFL. He is still under the rookie contract he agreed to when the Bengals selected him in the third round of the 2021 NFL Draft. Therefore, the Bengals could release Ossai without incurring a penalty of more than $568,224. That could be a possibility after his mistake in the AFC Championship.

The Bengals are much more likely to keep Ossai, though. He is an intriguing prospect who has the potential to develop into a solid NFL player. As his teammate BJ Hill noted, the Bengals won’t let Ossai be defined by one game.

He should use this as a learning lesson and develop a more mature mindset in the final two years of his contract.

Teammates consoled Ossai at the end, with BJ Hill standing right next to him for postgame comments #WhoDey https://t.co/noFxhH42Tg

Joseph Ossai’s teammates showed their support after his costly error against Chiefs

Joseph Ossai’s teammates continued to publicly support him. After the defeat, Ossai was seen sobbing on the sidelines. BJ Hill supported Ossai as reporters criticized the sophomore for his costly decision.

Ossai spoke highly of his Bengals teammates and how they stood up for him:

“It means a lot to me in the world. These guys mean a lot to me. We come here every day and we put in a lot of effort for each other. Right now, knowing they’ve got my back gives me peace.”

His teammates hugged him in the locker room. They patted him on the shoulder and reminded him that it was just one move. He will have to atone his whole career for that mistake.

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