Who are Andy Reid’s sons Britt, Garrett and Spencer Reid? Watching the Super Bowl winning family

Since building a successful coaching career with famous NFL teams like the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs, Andy Reid has gained wide recognition among football fans.

Although he is an excellent manager, he is also a devoted family man with his children. Reid raised five children with his wife Tammy. There have undoubtedly been many wonderful times, but many disasters remain. The heartbreaking reality about Andy Reid’s children has been revealed.

Garrett Reid, Britt Reid, Drew Ann Reid, Crosby Reid and Spencer Reid are the coach’s five children (three sons and two daughters).

Andy Reid’s oldest son, Garrett Reid, struggled with substance abuse for years until his untimely death in 2012. Six years prior, he and his brother Britt Reid were impaired by narcotics when they were in a car accident.

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The judge in charge of the case described the family home as a “drug store” after investigating there. Both were jailed for 23 months for this episode, which brought public interest to Andy Reid’s family.

Garrett was 29 when he died.

A toxicological analysis determined that the young man’s drug overdose was the cause of death. However, his family was aware of his long-term struggle with substance abuse.

Lehigh Police contacted Coach Reid on August 5, 2012. They informed him that Garrett had overdosed on heroin and died in his dorm. Reid returned to work after only three days of mourning. He said:

“This is what Garrett would have wanted.”

Britt is Andy Reid’s second son

Chiefs coach Britt’s second-born son received a three-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to felony DWI.

After hitting two vehicles on the side of an inbound lane with his truck in Kansas City on February 4, 2021, Reid was charged with felony DWI. Ariel Young, age 5, was seriously injured in the incident. She suffered a severe brain injury and spent 11 days in a coma.

Reid admitted he had been drinking when police attended the incident, but insisted he missed the cars because their lights were not on.

Current situation with Andy Reid’s son Britt Reid: https://t.co/q1LN3DOKOs

Spencer is Andy’s youngest son

Unlike his brothers, Spencer Reid lived much of his life away from the public eye. However, he continued his father’s career by taking over as the assistant strength and conditioning coordinator for the Colorado State football team.

Before that, Spencer served a two-year Mormon Church mission in Fresno, California, after playing football for Temple University in Philadelphia.

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