Yoru’s most likely move after reuniting with Control Devil

With Tatsuki Fujimoto The man with the chainsaw manga entering one of its most exciting arcs, fans can barely contain their excitement. The series recently set Asa Mitaka, the human host of the war devil, Yoru, to go to Denji’s house to watch movies for their second date.

However, however The man with the chainsaw fans recognized that inviting Asa to Denji’s home meant inviting Yoru, the War Devil, and Nayuta, the Control Devil, to meet. Although it is not clear when exactly they will meet, fans are sure that the two will indeed see each other and have some sort of discussion before Asa and Denji’s date ends.

Therefore, fans are curious as to what Yoru’s next moves might be after coming back in contact with the Control Devil. While the possibilities are literally endless, a few stand out as the most reasonable or most likely to happen.

The man with the chainsaw Yoru could be seen trying to bring together Control Devil against Famine Devil in the upcoming releases

A good preface to this discussion is that Yoru’s moves will change depending on the Control Devil’s reaction to being reunited with her, as well as the context of their relationship. While Yoru and Famine Devil seem to have somewhat of a conflict with each other, there is currently no information available on the history between War Devil and Control Devil.

As such, this article will assume that the two are relatively neutral towards each other, making their negotiations one in which each side is as open to working together as the other. This also assumes that even if the two do not have the same goals, their interests are aligned enough to find common ground for cooperation.

Therefore, Yoruov moves in first The man with the chainsaw after confirming that she has reunited with Control Devil, she will likely rally her sister against Famine Devil, Fami. Although not confirmed, Yoru and Fami seem quite hostile towards each other, possibly indicating that the two are enemies.

Another supporting reason for this is Yoru’s likely learning from Nayuta that Denji is indeed the titular hero of the series. With this in mind, it would be foolish to try to recruit Nayuta to fight and kill someone who is actually her brother. As a result, Yoru might try to use Control Devil to get to the other end.

So her trying to get the Control Devil to team up with her against Fami is the most likely option. Since Yoru seemingly has no enemies other than Chainsaw Man and Fami at this point in the series, the two teaming up against Fami is the only logical conclusion if Yoru decides to try and work with the Control Devil.

However, there is also the possibility that Yoru wants to eliminate the Control Devil due to the nature of her relationship with Denji, or the Chainsaw Devil. In this scenario, fans might see Yoru trying to get information from Nayuta first. One possibility is for Yoru to try to discover the identity of the Devil of Death, who will be the last of the Four Devil Riders to appear in the series.


After getting the information he wants from Control Devil, Yoru will probably try to call a temporary truce until Asa and Denji finish their date. After this, fans could see her trying to eliminate the Control Devil, which would open up Denji to attack without fear of retaliation from a Devil of equal power.

However, this is all speculative, with more to come The man with the chainsaw issue continues with Asa and Denji’s second outing. Additionally, fans should take the above possibilities with a grain of salt and be open to whatever Fujimoto eventually decides to present.

Be sure to keep up with everyone The man with the chainsaw anime and manga news as well as general anime, manga, film and live action news as 2023 progresses.

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