Zach Lowe Says: “Every Time Kevin Durant Gets Hurt, They Go Down to the 8th Circle of Hell” Highlighting Kevin Durant Concerns Amid Kyrie Irving Trade

One player who would not benefit from a Kyrie Irving trade request situation is Kevin Durant, who is currently injured and unable to play for the Brooklyn Nets. ESPN’s Zach Lowe spoke about his concerns for the Nets as their chances of winning a championship this season have dwindled.

Lowe has noticed a pattern where whenever their star forward gets injured, the team turns into a disaster.

“The most important thing is always Kevin Durant and what it means to Kevin Durant,” Lowe said. “Every time Kevin Durant gets hurt, they go down to the eighth circle of hell. Kevin Durant can’t get hurt! Every time he gets hurt, it’s like chaos, total chaos!

“The Nets are on the verge of becoming this unsalvageable situation again, and it’s just shocking that we’re here. … They looked like a championship contender.”


Last season, KD was sidelined with a left MCL sprain. After being one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference, that injury caused a 3-17 slump. Meanwhile, James Harden forced a trade as the team’s season slowly sank into ruin, causing them to fall in the standings.


Durant is still unavailable due to a similar MCL sprain from last season. Overall, the 2014 MVP has missed 11 straight games (out of 12 this season), with Brooklyn (31-20) going 4-7. The Nets, who were 27-13 at the time of the injury, dropped to fourth in the East.

The Nets take on the Washington Wizards on Saturday and will try to save their season with a disgruntled player.

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Ben Simmons is under pressure to try and help Kevin Durant carry the Nets

Ben Simmons, left, and Kevin Durant
Ben Simmons, left, and Kevin Durant

With Irving’s trade request, there is a new opportunity for another star to help Durant in Brooklyn’s quest to win a title this season. With Kyrie wanting out, it’s up to Ben Simmons to step up his game and play second fiddle to the 6-foot-10 forward. But with his lack of aggressiveness, the Nets could be in more trouble than ever.

Season 2022-2023. it was bad for a three-time All-Star. Simmons’ numbers are down, and he hasn’t shown any improvement in his game either. He is playing worse than when he was with the Philadelphia 76ers.


But this could be another opportunity for him to reinvent his game. Coach Jacque Vaughn could include him in much more of the team’s offense. With his skill set, it may be easy for Simmons to provide the help the Nets and KD need this time around.

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