ZigZag Community Rallying Behind ZZ Token: Airdrop Award from CoinEdition

ZigZag Community Rallying Behind ZZ Token: Airdrop Reward
  • Wu Shuo tweeted mentioning Kedar’s tweet regarding the airdrop reward issue.
  • ZigZag previously announced that it has decided to conduct an airdrop reward for early adopters.
  • Recently, the company announced the first round of rewards and said that the number of ZZ tokens in the community will exceed at the end of the period.

Professional and credible industry news, Wu Shuo Chinese Twitter tweeted mentioning the decentralized exchange ZK Rollup DEX ZigZag founder Kedar’s tweet in which the latter announced the platform’s decision to “issue an airdrop reward of 300 ZZ tokens” based on the transaction volume to top 100,000 traders.

Namely, Wu Shuo tweeted stating that “airdrop of trading users will be controlled within 30% of the total amount of ZZ”:

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